Wendy Meadley

Communications + Marketing Leader > Digital + Social Expert

Credentialed Strategist + Team Leader

Every day Wendy uses her Executive MBA and Project Management Certification as she strategically develops business programs, communication channels, and marketing plans, and innovation strategy with her Fortune 500 clients. After 10+ years as practice lead supporting a variety of organizations, thought leaders and nonprofits, she has refined her expertise in leading marketing and communications teams focused on full-funnel performance marketing initiatives to reach from the top of the organization to the front lines with prospective consumers.

Creative Direction + Project Leadership

Large and lengthy scope projects require process rigor. Wendy is a certified project manager and seasoned creative director of hundreds of marketing, communications and innovation strategy projects. As the lead of her own boutique consultancy, the buck stops with her on the superior delivery of client goals and objectives. The length of her client relationships demonstrate the strong relationships built and superior creative and project work delivered.

Collaborative Builder

Linking arms with corporate teams, and becoming part of the leadership of the working team is her most common type of consulting engagement. Today, corporations have deep expertise on their businesses and are looking to provide their internal experts with the latest skills and knowledge to continue to promote and innovate them. Wendy values and recognizes the internal expertise of the team and is familiar with corporate culture having come up through corporate leadership roles at Target and Deluxe Corporations.

Practitioner + Thought Leader

Harnessing an industry or topic to own the digital thought leadership, and leading market position is Wendy’s specialty.  Industries she specializes in are: health care, technology, transportation + infrastructure, food + cuisine, and higher education. Her expertise is frequently recognized by industry agencies and executives who hire her ‘behind the scenes’ to train their teams on the latest digital channels and trends. She was even dubbed her “Social Wendy” moniker by a leading tech industry blogger.

Video + Photo Production Credentials

With her undergrad degree in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Production, Wendy can produce and direct the unique and frequently confidential content she or her team members capture. Because she is both an internal and external communications expert, she is keenly aware of the sensitive nature, approval process, and communication gates of a wide range of communications project types, especially when dealing with pre-commercialization and innovation.

Global Business Consultancy

Wendy works with numerous organizations from nonprofit to Fortune 500 enterprises to build measurable and sustainable business outcomes with communications, marketing and innovation strategy and project work.

Marketing + Communications

Social media strategies, models, interactive programs, training guides, and operational plans are common projects. Wendy helps her corporate clients define, build, partner, support, operationalize, document, measure, and report in the areas of web, mobile, social, and interactive. Ultimately, she strives to create a consistent, relevant customer experience that your target consumers expect and will continue to work long beyond her time with you and your team.

Project Leadership Highlights:

Go-to-Market Communications Strategies > Brands, Products, Integrated Marketing, Full-funnel Performance Marketing, Channel-driven Initiatives, Omni-channel Promotional Campaigns, Influencer Campaigns, Forecasting, Budgeting, Customer Lifecycle, and Persona Development

Web + Digital Project Leadership > Web Development, Project Management, Digital Asset Management, Integrated Development Model including: Strategy, Technology, Operations, and Engagement disciplines; eCommerce, Search Optimization, Content Development, Cross-device Recognition, eMail Marketing, Retargeting, A/B Testing and Social Integration

Social Marketing Design + Development > Owned Media Channel Development, Organic Social Media, Paid Social Advertising, Programmatic Display Advertising, Social Search Optimization, Brand and Channel Design, Measurement, Reporting + Analysis, Platform and Tool definition/integration, Team Development + Training, Community + Thought Leader Development, and Socially-powered Events

Innovation Team Communications > Global Communications Strategy, Innovation Strategy, Innovation Project Identity + Design, Innovation Team Process Documentation, Customer Journey Mapping, and Model + Process Design


_MG_6521FinalDigital Anthropologist + Trend Enthusiast

(She studies Social Consumer Behavior and the Organizations that are looking to influence and impact that behavior)

As a Social Anthropologist, Wendy has continually documented the last few years and how the landscape continues to change. From staying abreast of the newest social channels, strategy, global and local trends to actually creating them herself for some of the biggest brands on the planet, Wendy has an end to end interactive & social marketing ecosystem view. This knowledge and perspective is captured in her consulting practice, agency leadership, and authorship of her Social Frontier™ | Strategy Guide Book for Interactive Marketers being published this spring in iPad, Nook and Kindle formats as well as paperback.

Most recently she is researching and studying the shifts in consumer behavior impacting brand engagement.

Some of the Social Consumer Behaviors she is watching in 2017 are:

  • Multi-media Players > The Top Ten Shaping Today’s Digital Landscape
  • The Sharing Economy > Ridesharing and Homesharing
  • Cord Cutters > By Demographic and Lifestyle
  • Mobile > Pay Ahead + Rapid Pick-up
  • Shopper Intent > New Ways to Understand and Measure
  • Personalization > Discounts, Offers, Rewards
  • Relationships > Communities + Conversations
  • Social in 2017 > The intersection of Curation and Engagement
  • Consumer Control > The Hackers + Makers Mindsets

The Social Frontier™

Wendy Meadley’s proprietary models and intellectual property is branded the Social Frontier. At numerous client requests she published a simple book on Amazon (in 2014) that outlines her basic approach. Due to the confidential nature of most of my project work, my models and writings are client custom and are not publicly available since they are custoimzed and distributed within a corporate environment.

My approach > “In general, I am continually focused on consumer behaviors and how they are continually shifting based on today’s rapid + disruptive market conditions. I stay current on all digital platforms and technologies as they emerge into relevancy and archive those that transition to post peak. I have deep expertise with 9+ social channels, the Social 9, which change as the market changes, in 2017 Snapchat moved in and Vine moved out. Of greatest importance to each client is how these factor into their overall market approach, integrated communications and digital strategy and how understanding current digital consumer behavior can translate into measurable corporate value for my clients.”

Industry Thought Leader


Wendy is an often requested keynote speaker on topics relating to the edge of the Digital & Social Frontier™ which continually changes. She seeks to inspire audiences with forward thinking, global marketing expertise, corporate intelligence, a collaborative approach, and relevant examples ranging from entrepreneurial and civic thought leaders to “Big B”.

Presenting and training Fortune 500 Teams on a weekly basis in addition to speaking at Universities and Associations, she speaks to a wide variety of audiences, from intimate to auditorium. With the ability to identify key business objectives and goals, she provides a unique business-based perspective and customizes each of her sessions for the specific audience, group, or team.

Her presentations and training sessions incorporate the guides and models that SWG uses to build Global Digital and Social Strategies for some of the biggest multi-national organizations. This provides you a true launch pad for the Owned Media Channel and Social Strategy Development in your organization, university, or association.

To check her availability, inquire about rates, or to obtain a customized speaking proposal, please complete our handy Contact Form, and the team will get right back to you to explore the possibilities.


Author & Digital Anthropologist > Staying on the Edge of the Social Frontier in 2017

“Understanding Digital” just isn’t enough to be an effective and innovative communicator and marketer today. With interactive campaigns and successes that predate Facebook, Wendy Meadley is skilled at the game and utilizes her consulting experiences and technical expertise to transform your business competency to market-leading status through planful strategy, collaboration, and training.

As a social media pioneer, Wendy energizes teams and audiences with her unique blend of deep interactive expertise and numerous relevant experiences as she collaboratively guides them through today’s version the Social Frontier. Since 2007, she has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies and numerous other organizations ranging from nonprofit and small businesses and innovative mid-sized companies. And now, 10 years later, she continually stays abreast of what’s next and how it impacts businesses and the way they communicate with today’s digital consumers.

Through customized presentations for each audience, Wendy spotlights your specific digital & social consumer personas, explores their expectations and needs from your organization or brand, and identifies the characteristics of an appropriate multi-channel “digital consumer experience”.

VIDEO | Wendy talks about Guiding Clients through the Social Frontier

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