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Strategic Communicators with a Deep Expertise in Owned Media Channel Marketing

We’re fortunate to be working with some of the most innovative organizations and leaders on the planet…

Pioneering Digital Consumer Engagement

Today’s Communications & Marketing Executives need to know more than ever before. As organizations are innovating products, services and their brands in both analog and digital forms, the lines of responsibility for delivering on those objectives are blurring. There is a new frontier emerging internally that closely mirrors the digital consumer frontier that is continually emerging across all industries. Here at the Social Wendy Group we are pioneers, dare we say it guides, on the Social Frontier™. Our team readily travels with you to the edge of the digital frontier with our deep knowledge and seasoned perspective- that is, what is happening now and what is next. Our experience allows you to innovate, own your market, or beat your competition- depending on what you are looking to accomplish. Our expertise started with entrepreneurs and celebrities and has evolved into being guides for corporate brands, non-profits, and industry thought leaders. We build innovative, creative and award-winning campaigns for both internal and external use.In 2017

2017 > Owned Media Channel Guides

We pay attention to the latest and what’s next to provide “surgical-level” expertise about to leverage today’s strategic social media channels including:

Conversation Channels
Content Channels


Proprietary Models & Strategies are Proven & “Conversion-centric”

Value is being created in new ways. And, you expect measurable results… so do we!  Our strategic communications firm, The Social Wendy Group, delivers end-to-end Social Frontier-style solutions. Global digital marketing is  just part of what we do. We’re not new, we’re just current…actually, most of our clients call us “forward-thinkers”; they count on us to be a few steps ahead so that they have a clear path. By keeping our finger on the pulse daily, and now we keep you updated with a glimpse of our view of the Social Frontier weekly in our “Life on the Frontier” feature story collections.  We are fortunate to work with some of the world’s largest organizations on key strategic projects- this gives us a broad lens across industries, global regions and cultures. We focus on integrating Traditional Marketing Campaigns with our Engagement Strategies to create Social Consumer Conversion across their Digital Presence.  To be more specific, we build web, mobile, social, and fully-integrated digital strategies and programs.

A Collaborative Approach

It all starts with your goals and through collaboration and our deep expertise, becomes a planful strategy focused on the expectations of your social consumer. Every day we work with clients in numerous industries and continue to draw upon our current, relevant examples as well as our countless campaign successes predating Facebook. Current and recent clients include 3M Health CareBayer, Bring Me the News, Best Buy, Citizens League, D’Amico & Partners, Expo 2023, Hospitality Lawyer, Microsoft, Minnesota Community Foundation, NAHSR, Northmarq, Target, Town & Country Club, University of Minnesota, advertising agencies, public relations firms, technology & consulting firms, and event companies.

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