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No matter what demographic or psychographic group you belong to, in 2017 you will continue to explore the myriad of options compelling you to further connect yourself with the people and things most important to your daily lifestyle. Big trends like the growth of the sharing economies, healthy lifestyles, personal safety, and accessibility are all factors in our interest level in connectivity. Additionally, your life stage, family, and professional responsibilities converge into a complex interwoven puzzle of “what to do and how to do it”.

Here are just a few of the topics to explore as you define your own Connected Lifestyle:

iOT > Internet of Things

iOT > Internet of Things

Sharing Economy > Forbes

Sharing Economy > Wikipedia

And, in case you haven’t seen Mckinsey & Company’s lastest on the Connected Home here is a handy reference link to get you started!

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What Apps Enhance Your Professional Effectiveness?

When was the last time you updated your smartphone or tablet apps to match your busy professional and personal life?  If you are like me it has been a while.  And, while I am intermittently adding apps into my professional productivity arsenal, I rarely think of them as a set of tools in the toolkit of how SWG facilitates it’s unique brand of client service.

Social Wendy Group - Your Tablet


Since I am frequently asked about the latest and greatest in digital, I thought I would share my little “aha” to create a handy little sharable piece of content. Shocking huh? So, here is a list of favorites, and you will see that I did not include any of the apps that address our core Social 9 model as whether or not they are cool or easy or similar, I/we have to use them either way. These are not ranked in anyway…

My Latest additions…  (all iOs)
Post-it Plus
Skyguide (for personal fun!)
My Standards
Business Model Toolbox
Creative Whack Pack
Facebook Pages Manager
Google Calendar
Google Hangouts
Hotspot Shield
Paypal Here
Show Me
X-Ref Pantone

What are your favorites?




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Expo 2023 Bid Development Website is LIVE!

With many thanks going out to RBA Consulting for their translation of our Expo 2023 Communications Strategy into a truly Vitruvian website! We can now spotlight all our Phase 1 Development efforts and we are prepared to launch into our Bid Development process following our Community Engagement Campaign including our Indiegogo Crowdtunding Campaign and our Minnesota State Fair “Innovation on a Stick” Experience. For information about Expo 2023 and to get involved, you can go to our new website of course!

Social Wendy Group is a Inaugural Sponsor of Expo 2023

Social Wendy Group is a Inaugural Sponsor of Expo 2023



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The Expo 2023 Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE!

Thanks to a collection of collaborative partners including Fallon’s Kickstarter program who provided creative direction and a collection of amazing assets for the campaign. And RBA who is building our Expo 2023 corporate website…. With blue chip supporters like these it is no wonder the project is gaining significant momentum!

You can check it out for yourself at

Indiegogo LIVE JUST 8-4-14 7 pm


Expo Community Page

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Watch for Expo 2023′s Crowdfunding Campaign coming in August!

Yes, we are Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding for Expo 2023 | The Minnesota World’s Fair!


Our unique campaign will be launched on Indiegogo in August 2014. Our goal is to raise $200,000 to support our Expo 2023 Bid Development process.

With an impressive cause focus and 9 million unique global web visitors monthly, Indiegogo is a natural platform to connect with the greater World Fair Community.  We will take full advantage of this global community to help define the future vision of Expo 2023 through crowdsourced ideas.  Additionally, we will enlist their corporate matching program to allow partners to augment our development efforts.  More details to come on this exciting campaign.

Want to Get Involved?

A key component of our Expo 2023 Community is our Volunteer Program. You can attend our Volunteer Engagement Event on July 8th at Town & Country Club to learn more about opportunities yet this summer and into fall.

We will be at the Minnesota State Fair in the Lower Grandstand with Minnesota’s Innovation Landscape featuring immersive experiences from Minnesota’s most innovative organizations. From virtual reality glimpses of the US Pavilion at Expo Milano next year to one visionary concept that Expo 2023 could become.  Our state fair booth will provide an energizing and insightful experience for fairgoers who have already backed or will back our crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo.

You can contact our Volunteer Director Linda Presthus at to explore our volunteer and in kind donation opportunities.

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SXSW 2014 | The Bar is Raised

SXSW Mashable House 2014

Whether you are a newbie to the Southby adventure or a seasoned vet, the few days that Austin transforms into SXSW-land is a heady energy infused mecca of creativity and innovation bubbling out of every nook and cranny.  Even the parties have unique and new ideas to experience… It’s like a grown-up Disneyland for Creative-types.

For marketing and communication pros looking to tap into the pulse of the moment, here’s a couple handy links to get you tapped into some of the key trend stories:

Typically Mashable has the best pop-culture events/story coverage, Pete Cashmore’s (Mashable’s Founder + CEO) stream is photo rich with quirky images with his personal take | Here are the deets on their Mashable House (including ridable Wrecking Ball)

SXSW Fast Company Grill


Fast Company is also a great source of the bigger business and market trends… an this year they are at the event with their Fast Company Grill, like last year- a not to miss item by the way (list is closed now so I am not inserting link- but swing by and see if you can get in) | Here’s a fun book they have promoted on their site that helps Southby newbies sound like experienced interactives (from FC and Vook)

Whether you are in the live or virtual Southby conversation, it is vibrant and alive over the next week, so make sure you tag you participation on whatever your primary conversation and content channels are… #SXSW gives you the greatest reach but if you are an experienced interactive, old-schoolers watch the #sxswi tag (and use it as well) to cut out the neophyte clutter that is also part of this massive online cacophony.

Escape + Immerse + Enjoy!

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Super Bowl Ads Don’t Disappoint / Video Link Highlights

For the ad world it isn’t all about the game, it is about what happens in between the plays… and now in a more digital and social world, it extends long before the kick-off begins for those who are bold enough to debut their creative in advance.

Here are some of the highlights… some others we will have to just wait for the game!

BUDWEISER #UpForAnything

Love the concept, execution and whackiness of the creative on this one

BUDWEISER  #Salute a Hero

Right up the middle patriotism video for well deserving Veterans


For the dog lover…

Beats Music featuring Ellen Degeneres

General Mills / Cheerios

Chevy Silverado Romance


Coke/ Going All the Way

Heinz Ketchup / Triggering Moments

Hyundai / Elantra

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CES 2014 / Digital Health Summit Word Art / Social Wendy Group

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LinkedIn Groups for Professional Networks | Presented at the Innovation Salon

This presentation was initially presented at the Innovation Salon in August 2013 at Town & Country Club. It can be easily adapted to your professional group’s networking model. Feel free to use it under Creative Commons.



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Social Wendy Group Resource Tool | Owned Media Channel Design | Social Channel Dimensions 2013

Blog Banner - Digital CMO Model - for Web 3

It’s hard to keep up with the continual motion of updates and channel redesigns on all of your core content and conversation channels. So we decided to put together a handy Toolkit for your Owned Media Channels.

See below for an overview of components, dimensions, and design for LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook:


Guiding you through the Social Frontier™

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