SXSW 2014 | The Bar is Raised

SXSW Mashable House 2014

Whether you are a newbie to the Southby adventure or a seasoned vet, the few days that Austin transforms into SXSW-land is a heady energy infused mecca of creativity and innovation bubbling out of every nook and cranny.  Even the parties have unique and new ideas to experience… It’s like a grown-up Disneyland for Creative-types.

For marketing and communication pros looking to tap into the pulse of the moment, here’s a couple handy links to get you tapped into some of the key trend stories:

Typically Mashable has the best pop-culture events/story coverage, Pete Cashmore’s (Mashable’s Founder + CEO) stream is photo rich with quirky images with his personal take | Here are the deets on their Mashable House (including ridable Wrecking Ball)

SXSW Fast Company Grill


Fast Company is also a great source of the bigger business and market trends… an this year they are at the event with their Fast Company Grill, like last year- a not to miss item by the way (list is closed now so I am not inserting link- but swing by and see if you can get in) | Here’s a fun book they have promoted on their site that helps Southby newbies sound like experienced interactives (from FC and Vook)

Whether you are in the live or virtual Southby conversation, it is vibrant and alive over the next week, so make sure you tag you participation on whatever your primary conversation and content channels are… #SXSW gives you the greatest reach but if you are an experienced interactive, old-schoolers watch the #sxswi tag (and use it as well) to cut out the neophyte clutter that is also part of this massive online cacophony.

Escape + Immerse + Enjoy!

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