Super Bowl Ads Don’t Disappoint / Video Link Highlights

For the ad world it isn’t all about the game, it is about what happens in between the plays… and now in a more digital and social world, it extends long before the kick-off begins for those who are bold enough to debut their creative in advance.

Here are some of the highlights… some others we will have to just wait for the game!

BUDWEISER #UpForAnything

Love the concept, execution and whackiness of the creative on this one

BUDWEISER  #Salute a Hero

Right up the middle patriotism video for well deserving Veterans


For the dog lover…

Beats Music featuring Ellen Degeneres

General Mills / Cheerios

Chevy Silverado Romance


Coke/ Going All the Way

Heinz Ketchup / Triggering Moments

Hyundai / Elantra

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