Brian Solis Coming to Minneapolis :: Time to “ENGAGE”

Just a quick post for SWG clients as I know most of you can’t get away long enough for the evening, but you want the 411 about what is happening in the world of social marketing & PR. Likely the biggest name out there right now, especially on the PR side, is Brian Solis. His new book, Engage (out earlier this year) shares perspectives on how organizations can and should get engaged with their social consumer base online. It is a good read, but not fast, so plan a bit of time if you are going to dig into it.

Last night, before I got into the week, I thought I would refresh on the topic and see what other resources he had created surrounding the book. The social anthropologist in me is always looking to see what alpha dogs like us are doing (okay I only have about 30,000 folks interested, but we continue to grow and build a loyal following for our integrated social model). At any rate I discovered the app that you will see below- and BTW it is available for your iPad. So, whether he is interesting to you or otherwise, it is a great Thought Leader interactive tactic, but not an opening price point one to create. Brian Solis offers it to you for FREE of course.

Check it out for yourself, and if you are missing the PRSA MN event where he is speaking, there is a seminar that features him, Minnesota’s own Lee Odden, and David Meerman Scott along with others online yet this week. I tweeted the link late last week and a number of folks RT’d. Reach out if you want the information and I will get it to you.

Enjoy the Week!


Snapshot of  Brian Solis Profile from Mobile Roadie App

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